Things do do and see in Vlora

Defined as the city of two seas, Vlora is one of the most popular destinations in Albania.

In the last few years, Albania has become a super sought-after destination for tourists, so much so that it is affected by what is called over-tourism. Rich of beautiful beaches with crystal clear sea is full of cities where you can spend perfect holidays. One of the most popular destinations in Albania is Vlora (Vlora in Albanian) which is located on the southern coast of the country, which is called the Albanian Riviera. The promenade is lined with several clubs and restaurants that offer tourists a place to spend pleasant evenings after a day at the beach.

Albania’s tourist revenge
Historically Vlora has had a lot of relevance for its port, an important outlet in the Mediterranean. In 1912 it also became the capital of the new state of Albania, before passing the title to Tirana. Vlora is also called the city of the two seas as it is located exactly at the point where the Adriatic Sea gives way to the Ionian Sea. In fact, the coastline in this place is beginning to change. The seabed becomes deeper, the beaches from very sandy to rocky and pebbly and the coastline is more indented.

Vlora is a bit of a classic southern city. Slow rhythms and the sun shining most of the time with high summer temperatures and not too harsh winters. It is a city that has to be lived slowly, walking along the streets or the promenade or sitting at a bar and enjoying the view.

What to see
Vlora is full of beautiful beaches where you can relax, from the most traditional to the most hidden and difficult to reach. The city’s beaches are Plazhi I Vjeter, totally free and surrounded by a large pine forest, and Plazhi I Ri, the newest and most suitable for those seeking social life as it is full of restaurants, clubs, and bathing establishments.

To the south of the town are the most solitary beaches, small corners still untouched by man. One of these is Uji I Ftohte which literally translates as “cold water”, so-called because of the presence of about 40 springs of water that come out from the bottom of the sea. Easily reachable by bus, this public beach is certainly one of the most beautiful in the whole of Vlora. It is two kilometers of completely rocky coast and by making your way through the rocks you can discover some hidden corners and wonderful coves where you can enjoy the crystal clear sea in total tranquility.

Still heading south is the beach of Radhima, which is home to many bathing establishments but there is also a free part. The beach, bordered by mountains, is mainly made up of pebbles and small pebbles that throw themselves into a crystal clear turquoise sea. Another uncontaminated place is surely the white pebble beach of Please, perfect to spend a relaxing day.

Surely one of the most important buildings of the city is the Muradie Mosque, located in the central square of the city and considered a cultural monument of Albania.

Built-in 1537 by Mimar Sinan it managed to survive even the communist regime that destroyed many religious buildings after the war. Near this area, you can also admire the remains of the city walls and the former Synagogue, symbol of the Jewish presence in the city. In this area, there are also some museums such as the Ethnographic Museum and the Museum of Independence which reflects the struggle of the Albanians to obtain freedom, which was recognized in 1912.